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  • Locally Owned
  • Serving the community for over 75 years.
The Pickwick Pharmacy

The Pickwick Pharmacy

Pickwick Staff Photo

The Pickwick is a local, family-owned drugstore and soda fountain that is celebrating more than 75 years in the prescription business. Its customers reside in Greenville County, and the employees have been with the pharmacy for a combined 133 years. In addition to boasting fast, no-wait prescription service, The Pickwick offers delivery service, complimentary gift wrapping, and a focus on the schools and community. The soda shop seats approximately 50 people, serving simple sandwiches, shakes and malts, fresh-squeezed orangeade and lemonade, hotdogs and chili dogs, 20 flavors of ice cream, and cherry and vanilla cokes served from a 1949 soda fountain.

The business is locally run and owned by a third generation of Odoms, a family born and raised in the city of Greenville. The Pickwick is one of the few locally-owned, non-chain pharmacies that remain in SC and is located at 3219 Augusta Street in Greenville, SC.

The Pickwick Sandwich Shop

The Pickwick is a neighborhood pharmacy and soda fountain and has been serving the local community since before World War II. In 1933, The Pickwick began as a soda fountain, founded by Francis Odom and Harold Trammel (Francis’ brother in law). The Pickwick was located on Augusta Road near Main Street in the current Warehouse Theatre space, just a block away from Furman University in the area that is now County Square. Many of the patrons were Furman University students who visited The Pickwick for sandwiches, shakes, and cherry cokes.

Furman Pickwick Sandwich Shop

Furman Pickwick Sandwich Shop

Our Team

Kelly Odom

Owner/Registered Pharmacy Technician

Kelly Odom grew up in the Pickwick ringing up the cash register, delivering prescriptions and stocking shelves. After graduating from USC, Odom spent a brief stint in the lower part of the state before realizing he wanted to return to his hometown of Greenville. In 2006, Kelly approached his brother about the two purchasing the pharmacy from their father and keeping the business in the family. The following year, the transaction was finalized and the two brothers became co-owners of the Pickwick. They decided to take this opportunity to bring back some of the past history of the store by doing a store redesign and opening up the Soda Fountain. In 2011, Kelly purchased his brothers shares of the Pickwick making him sole proprietor. Odom is a registered pharmacy technician and oversees the operations of the store.

Kelly learned at an early age what a remarkable city Greenville is and the importance of giving back to ones community. Odom has taken leadership roles in various organizations having served as president of the Metropolitan Arts Council Greenville County Historical Society, Augusta Road Business Association and as secretary of the Greenville County Historic Preservation Commission, which is appointed by Greenville County Council. Odom has also served on the boards of the Greenville County Museum of Art, Friends of the Greenville Zoo, and Preservation South Carolina. Local history is also a passion of Kelly’s and is evident through his activities. Odom has written two books on the history of Greenville (Greenville Textiles & Greenville’s Augusta Road) and chaired the initiative to save the historic Wilkins House.

Keefe Ray

  • Registered Pharmacist, PHARM-D

    The Pickwick welcomed a new face to their staff, Keefe Ray, in March 2007. Samuel O’Keefe Ray (Keefe) joins Dwight Odom behind the counter and is the second pharmacist on staff at The Pickwick. Keefe is a Greenville native, graduating from Greenville High School, Wofford College, and MUSC. Keefe previously worked for two chain drugstores and is happy to come home to The Pickwick, the drugstore where his wife, Clair, and her family have been longtime customers.

    If Keefe’s last name sounds familiar, you may recognize the family name “Ray” from The Marquette, the local grocery and butcher shop on Augusta Rd. that Keefe’s grandparents owned from the early 50s until 1997. Back in the 50s and 60s, The Pickwick soda fountain purchased all of their meats from the Ray family at The Marquette. Next time you’re in The Pickwick, say hello to Keefe and ask him to show you the Marquette soda fountain receipts dated from 1949.

Kelly and Keefe